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RE: Will you accuse Craig Mottram of doping if....
"Antonio Prieto 13:02/27:03/2:06, Mark Carroll 7:30/13:03, Dieter Baumann 7:30/12:54/27:3X, Kennedy 7:30/12:58/27:36, Cathal Lombard 13:16/27:33, Craig Mottram 12:55, Ali Saidi-Seif 3:30/7:26/12:50, Brahim Boulami WR in Steeple, Salah Hissou 12:55/26:38, Khalid Boulami, Mohamed Mourhit 7:26/12:49/26:52, Ali Ezzine 8:03 St, Tony Martins 27:22, Khalid Skah 27:23, Lambruschini 8:08 Steeple, Croghan 8:10 Steeple ..."

While some of these times are faster than previous world records, none are out of whack with what would be a reasonbale progression of performance in distance events. In 1993, before the big "EPO Boom," the world records in 3k/steeple/5k/10k were 7:29,8:02,12:58,and 27:08. Only the 8:02 time was run by an east african. Aouita had the 3k and 5k records, and barrios the 10k.

The best non-African times were 13:00 and 27:12 in the 5k and 10k (not sure what they were in the 3k or steeple). If David Moorcroft could run 13:00 in 1982, why can't Bob Kennedy run 2 secons faster 14 years later without drugs, or Craig Mottram run 5 seconds faster 22 years later without drugs? Those performances seem like reasonable progressions from previous times. Henry Marsh ran 8:08 in 1985, so why can't Croghan run within 2 seconds of that time a decade later without drugs?

Its seems like the truly astonishing performances (Komen, Geb, Bekele, Cherono, Tergat) are comming from the east Africans. You mentioned that the 5k wr dropped 21 seconds, and that the 10K record dropped 46 seconds. Throw out all of the east African performances, and take out any convicted dopers, and you are left with records of 12:54 and 26:38. Those times, especially the 12:54, don't seem that out of whack with past progressions.

To say that the spate of fast times run since the mid 90s is a result of drugs is to put the majority of the blame on east african runners.

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