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RE: Will you accuse Craig Mottram of doping if....

I've never been intellectually dishonest in my life and I am not starting now. How can I control who is responsible for the obvious discontinuity in 3k/5k/10k performances that occured in the mid-90's?

The WR's are held by Kenyans and Ethiopians and MOST of the unprecedented number of 3k/5k/10k WRs have been set by men from those two nations the last 10-14 years. However, there have been many runners, who were not East-African, that bested the fastest the world had to offer in the era before EPO:

Antonio Prieto 13:02/27:03/2:06, Mark Carroll 7:30/13:03, Dieter Baumann 7:30/12:54/27:3X, Kennedy 7:30/12:58/27:36, Cathal Lombard 13:16/27:33, Craig Mottram 12:55, Ali Saidi-Seif 3:30/7:26/12:50, Brahim Boulami WR in Steeple, Salah Hissou 12:55/26:38, Khalid Boulami, Mohamed Mourhit 7:26/12:49/26:52, Ali Ezzine 8:03 St, Tony Martins 27:22, Khalid Skah 27:23, Lambruschini 8:08 Steeple, Croghan 8:10 Steeple ...

Those are just names and times off the top of my head without looking at any lists. I bet if you dug you could find double that number of non-East-Africans.

I didn't insinuate that, you did, and it isn't my contention that just AFRICANS use drugs and they use them to get to the WR level. Look at some of my posts and you will see it. Look at 2004 and you will see it. It is fact that an Irishman was busted for EPO this year after experiencing huge breakthroughs at 5k/10k. Mourhit and Boulami and Saidi-Seif were all busted (not all for EPO) and all this shows is that EPO (and other P-E-Drugs) ARE being used to get to the top-level. I didn't say that every runner uses and that every world record holder was a drug cheat ...I didn't say that times faster than XX:XX and XX:XX were IMPOSSIBLE without the aid of drugs (like you are implying with your statement of confidence in the WR's).

I jstu said that it is UNMISTAKABLE that the drop of the WR's coincided with EPO being commercially available and people ALSO TESTING positive for it.

You draw your own conclusions about who is, or isn't using it. I myself am glad that they are finally catching people for it in all sports.

Want me to send you $10 too?

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