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RE: Will you accuse Craig Mottram of doping if....

I said CLEARLY that I wasn't referring to Craig Mottram, I was questioning how YOU could use this kind of logic:

<<< However, I been around the competitive scene of running in Australia for awhile and, as I say, I would find it very unlikely that Mottram and co are drug-takers. Craig has as great work ethics and trains bloody hard. >>>

1) You being "around the competitive scene of running in Australia for awhile" has no bearing on anything except that you have lived there for "awhile".

2) Do you NOT think that Mourhit, Saidi-Seif and Guerni (all busted and served suspensions in the last few years) weren't also training "bloody hard" and "has as great work ethics"?

I'll answer the question for you: They DID, They DO and ALL OTHERS do too.

Again, I didn't say anything about Craig Mottram, but the logic you use is faulty:

<<< Facts are you and I do not and probably will never know either way whether Craig or others in Australia are users. >>>

1) The fact is that NEITHER of us will know, but do you accept that cyclists in Australia have been caught for doping and served suspensions, including bans from the Olyumpic Games?

That is what I was talking about, and if you re-read it you see what I was getting at. You said that it was "unlikely" that "any" of the top Australian athletes were doping and I just wondered how you could that conclusion in light of what Australian cyclists have been busted for this year? You didn't offer any reasoning, just that YOU felt it was "unlikely". I realize that dope taking is widespread and systematic in cycling and that has been laid bare for all in '98 with the Festina Scandal. If you still didn't get it, you had several high-profile positives THIS YEAR with Tyler Hamilton, Santi Perez, Oscar Camenzind, Filip Meirhaughe, and Robert Millar. There were also MANY investigations into rider for buying, storing, using or trafficking in drugs: Like Museeuw in Belgium, Casagrande in Italy and Slovenian Mertin Hvastija. Add in Mark French from AUSTRALIA, who was banned for life from the Olympic Games.

The point it that CYCLISTS ARE DOPING. Americans and Europeans ... it has been going on for more than 50 years.

Find me one spot where I said Mottram is a doper and I will make you the same offer I made Sir-Mix-a-Lot:

$10 for every instance that I claim that he did this. No BS.

Brian McEwen
East Lansing MI

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