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RE: Should my 13 month old go to to daycare or is it unnatural?

rationalize much? wrote:

[quote]Recognizer of Lame Posts wrote:

[quote]rationalize much? wrote:

You guys can call in preschool or school all you want but you are just deluding yourselves. Daycare is not that different from when I drop my dog off at the kennel when I go on vacation.

Now that you mention it - If your kennel was large, spacious, safe, with an indoor area and an outdoor area... If your dog was well-fed there and able to play with lots of other dogs... And if your dog was given periods of new, stimulating activity interspersed with periods of lying around/sleeping...

Then I think that your dog would be in a VERY healthy environment, would be VERY happy about it, would be very well-adjusted in interacting with other dogs and people, would be getting a whole lot more than 99% of dog owners provide their dogs with at home where they are typically ignored and bored 90% of the time. So, I think you make a really good point.[/quote]

If I'm completely honest, like most people with their kids at day care, I don't have a clue what happens to my dog at the kennel. They say they walk him and give him exercise but I really don't know for sure. He came home with kennel cough one time. I bet parents can relate to that, bringing home all the viruses from their day care kennel. I just hope for the best and enjoy my vacations.[/quote]

Don't know about your kennel.

Do know about my child's day care. I stop in at random times. The kids are always safe and involved in appropriate activities. My child loves it and is thriving

Your initial comparison to a kennel was lame.

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