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RE: I'm breaking my rule: Second Kip Litton Thread - Can someone please tell me what's up?
Sorry, but you're slightly off base.

Witch hunt? Hardly. Look up the definition.

The only people looked at to this level before were Oscar Miranda and Rosie Ruiz.

The difference from then and now is the way we communicate. No internet back then with forums.

Was it a witch hunt when Will Cloney went after Miranda trying to figure out if he was telling the truth or not?

Yes, it was a different level as the guy finished around 2:16:21 as a 51 or 53 year old (?), but he only did it once. He took 22nd place and wasn't recorded at any of the checkpoints.

His "claimed" split at 1/2 way would have meant that he would have had to have run the 2nd half faster than the winner Bill Rodgers. His previous best was 2:40:40.

The shorter races that he ran were witnessed by many, but unfortunately he bit off more than he could chew as his marathon pace was faster than the pace he could run 5 miles. As evidence, Mr. Cloney offered him to run a 5 mile or 10k race at the same pace that he ran Boston but Mr. Miranda declined. You don't have to be a real runner to know why. Also, New York City offered a full expense paid trip that October, but he declined. Hmmm..

The comparison is because even when accused, Kip kept running races in other places, unknown to others. Then, because of the internet, unlike back then, people were/are able to search results AND photos:)

Suddenly races were being searched and things didn't add up. Missing checkpoints in many races. Conveniently blocking his number, but proudly displaying it near the end.

Starting near the back, but no one, not one runner comes forward to say yeah he passed me near 10 miles and I kept him in sight for quite awhile...I remember the guy. Instead, runners are shocked when they find him in front of them late in the race, confused how he got there when he wasn't there before.

The HOW, not difficult friend. There are only a few ways he could have done it. Nothing mysterious. The WHY, in my opinion, is simply ego. He could brag that he was faster than he actually was....again, that's simply opinion.

Do you truly understand how many races from a simply relay leg in Detroit, to 10ks, to 10 milers, to 1/2 marathons, to marathons that he may have not run the full distance? This was not over a one month period. It was spread like a wildfire to many states.

But...believe what you want.

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