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RE: I'm breaking my rule: Second Kip Litton Thread - Can someone please tell me what's up?
You think they believe him?

If you were at any of his races, as a family member, you'd have something to back it up, to show photos with a time stamp from your phone, or whatever.

No one, I mean no one that I know has ever intentionally covered their race number, race after race after race. If you believe that his family believes him then what would he tell them the reason was for having a hat on and looking down, hence covering his face (aren't dentist proud of their teeth and smiles?), while walking, with no race number shown and having a different outfit on with different shoes? Yeah, that adds up.

If my family asked me the above questions, what would I tell them? I felt that I might get a blister with the shoes that I started with, so I found a place on the course the night before and hid the shoes.

Of course he couldn't lay them on the side of the road as a fit squirrel might have hocked them for his animal rights walk. Stay with me now:)

So then he found a tree and buried them with leaves. Then of course all of the runners & spectators around saw him exit the course and run down the side of the road to get his change of shoes...all while in mid air mind you (Seinfeld).

He then sat down, changed them and did "what" with his other shoes? So not one person, either spectator or runner witnessed this 1 in million type of behavior in a marathon, not one, but he's telling the truth.

And...not one family member or friend has come forward to say that they gave him the shoes at mile so and so and stayed with him at the so and so hotel.

As I said before, any one who runs that pace at the Free Press or Crim or one of his odd 10k's, knows that you would not get lost, ever, let alone a grown man who somehow goes out of state alone on foreign courses mind you, but somehow turns into Rand McNally while running in unfamiliar territory.

My child is 13 and she can run. Although I wouldn't leave her alone, I would follow her on the Crim course and bet anyone she would follow the other runners and not get lost. So what's a grown man's excuse who has run it before?

I ran it when I was 15 and had no sense of direction and with less runners back then, how come I didn't get lost? Herb Lindsay took off and we all followed:)

It's your choice and your mind, but do you really believe your last sentence?

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