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RE: Mr. Renato Canova: Could You Please Answer a Question About Effective Ways to Improve the Lactate Threshold?
John Andrews

You justify your discussion with me with my own articles. You made me go to Antonio Cabral articles - my own articles really and read myself ! That´s funny...

You take wrong "chrono" conclusions, eventually the same as you take "insults" from my last post.
First of all it was not my intention to offend you ! Eventually you took my opinions as insultes, due to my poor english. Excuse me. I´m not an expert in Sheakespeare language neither in its US version. Thus don´t read that as an insult really.

I do no an attorney for Renato to ask the questions you ask him. That´s up to him to ask and clarify hs own ideas.

My original intention that´s to help in doubts that you get but that i don´t - you see…
One side I understand your doubt about different workouts to improve AnT – that´s the original question for Renato and also I know what´s the key of your doubts. Just think of that. If the improvement of a certain physiologic quality that´s the just to train specifics workouts in the same pace that it occurs, then if your target that´s to improve your 5000m PB – you were training specifics only at Race Pace. You may understand that LT improvement that´s also to do 3X10X500m in 1:15/1:25 with 45 intervals for a 27:40 10000 runner specialist(also an example).
Thus Tinman he is wrong saying that Renato wrotes quickly in a different language than his own and thus the mistake. Simply Tinman and didn´t understood. Eventually the workout paces and workout total set distances that are a bit inflated in long reps as 3X3000m example. You see Renato deals with world top clsss runners and forgets the average runners. Eventually 3X3000m in 102-105% RP that´s more typical workout for a 10000 specialist. But the whole idea remains correct in Renato post. That 3X3000m and all the rest workout exampoles they are also AnT goal targets, not just effective for that LT purpose, because as Tinman said recently “all works in a continuum”.

John. My only intention it that I judge "wrongly" taught i know the answers to your doubts - thus i try to clean your doubts about the workout paces but you get more doubts...Excuse me, i was wrong. You are the kind of the guy that asks the questions but he is waiting a certain "kind of answer" not other opinions - as my own, and if the other opinion that´s not what you expect you feel offended.
Finnaly, from all those Webbs, Ritz, Alan Webb he is not a 5000m-10000 specialist either so he isn´t a 5000m specialist in that classification or am I wrong again ?
I hope that Renato clarifies all that your questions, better than myself for sure.

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