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RE: Solomon suddenly world class and Rupp soloing 3.50 indoor miles - Come on Letsun, ask the questions!

Jefe in the CO wrote:
By your statement, “Until you have actual proof, STFU and stop thinking that every time someone gets to a certain level it is time to start "asking the hard questions" (translated: Accusing athletes of cheating)...” you are suggesting that we don’t play the game at all. In a parallel universe where there was no prior knowledge this would be great advice but, in our world, the litany of PED induced results over the past several decades require that we play.


I am suggesting that we don't need to play the game at all. People are hurting the sport. Do we really need more unfounded accusations? Hasn't the sport been badgered enough? The sport is on life support for professionals and it is in now small part due to the endless negative publicity generated by the media. People are crapping the in beds they have to sleep in.

There isn't an intelligent fan around that doesn't already know that drugs are a problem in all sports, including Track and Field. There are countless people in the media and the sport itself who have been asking these questions. To have a site like this let accusations run wild like they do is a disservice to the sport they think they are helping.

If someone thinks so and so improved a little too fast, or, just can't believe for whatever reason (like white guy Rupp hanging with the east africans) or they simply don't like Salazar or Rupp in favor of Solinsky or some other runner, they have no problem accusing them.

For those people, I suggest you print your real names, addresses, phone numbers, etc. and send them to whomever you "ask the hard questions about". Lets see what kind of real courage you have.

This place is crawling with idiots and the brojos are letting them ruin a good thing. If they think they are helping the sport they are as blind, naive and dumb as they think everyone else is who don't question every damn performance.

Every athlete now is guilty until proven innocent, except they have no way to prove their innocence. If people have such a negative attitude towards the sport go and find another one to worry about. How about women's beach volleyball?

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