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RE: Mo Farah only 12.9 100m time in BBC Superstars Show

yygg wrote:

[quote]Mrr82 wrote:

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12.9 is the pace for a 52 second 400, so clearly he can run faster if he really wanted to. It's probably a combination of the off season and Salazar saying not to push hard for fear of needless injury

Wrong.12.9 is more like 49 flat pace. The first part of the 100 is slow due to the start. If he maintained his pace he'd be around 49.[/quote]

In no way does a slow start cost 3 seconds.[/quote]

Max start velocity for Mo would be about 18.5 miles/hour. Thus, yes it would be aroudn 49 seconds(consider this-when applying to over 400 meters you consider that the start hampers the athlete by 0.75 second per 100m. When looking at the first 10 meters comparative to an athlete of high caliber who does a GOOD acceleration, we can see the start costs about ~0.85-0.9 seconds(see Bolts 8.70 relay split and 9.58 WR 100m). Keep in mind we are multiplying this by a factor of 4 and then subtracting by 0.9 for start in a 400(so actually multiply by a factor of 3).

This comes out to about 49 pace, which with his endurance, in the 100 meter, in better conditions, and harder pushed would be about 12.7 seconds. Thus, comes out to about 48.2 pace for 100 meters(based on effort) or near this.

At best speed phase, he could probably do ~12.4 from blocks, which indicates ~47 even spread effort, with more block work maybe ~46.5 even spread effort. Of course, considering the longetivity of the 400 meter, we can add about 3 seconds to this time(based on endurance, for sprint athlete would be 4) and assume at best shape he could run 49.5-50 flat 400m. This seems about right, these guys are not blazing fast 400m runners... Especially Mo, who Salazar has said has less basic speed then Galen except Mo is able to sustain a harder pace at the end of a more difficult effort better than Galen. So maybe Galen is 49.5, Mo 50-50.5.

Seems about right, actually. People say how slow "only" sub-13 is, but these guys are distance runners and have little basic block work or acceleration/standing start work at all, they really are very, very slow 100m runners. This shouldn't surprise anyone, especially given the conditions and period of time when this was run. Nothing to see here except delusions distance runners are actually good at sprinting. Move along please.

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