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Feeling guilty here
RE: Suzy Favor-Hamilton: Vegas Escort
I think I felt guilty for laughing because of the daughter, not her, and you articulate well what this poor little girl may endure. Imagine your mother choosing to prostitute instead of spending time with you.

It is clear (to me at least) that SFH has serious mental issues, but she is still absolutely 100% responsible for the choices she's made. My guess is this is born of some sort of narcissistic personality disorder that causes her to crave attention (other posters have touched on this). Who knows, the Las Vegas escort gig may be the real Suzy, and it was the wife and mother persona she just couldn't hack.

Did hear that Rock 'n Roll dropped her... no surprise.

One thing that occurred to me... if she was a poor woman doing this to keep food on the table, I bet DFS would have taken custody of her daughter long ago. While she is certainly suffering from widespread ridicule, she's probably being cut some breaks because of who and what she is (and was).

newname wrote:

[quote]Feeling guilty here wrote:

I keep laughing at these posts, and then feel guilty when I do. I'm fairly certain this is going to blow up her entire life. This woman has a daughter. I hope they find her some help.

No, keep laughing, she deserves it. If someone is bored with their life, I don't support it, but go ahead and have an affair. Don't have sex for money with strangers, that is whoring no matter how you spin it.

She is a multi-millionaire and well-taken care of. She grew up in a nice area and has a husband who is an attorney, and if she ever needed money she could have done some appearances or asked her parents for it.

I have no words for how gross it is to travel the country to sell yourself to strangers just to apparently give her sagging ego a boost. Do you think that it is a coincidence that she retired 6 yrs ago? No, she just missed the attention the last few yrs.

And for those of you who "think" her life might be over, you are wrong, it IS OVER. No more running expo appearances for Disney (those were lucrative I bet), her real estate office will go bust now, her husband will leave her (I hope). And her daughter will forever have to endure the whispers that her mother was a three-time Olympian AND a high-priced whore.

For some reason, to me, because she is rich, to me it makes it worse that she did it for money. I would not have had the same reaction if she had been sleeping with some random 35-year-old in Madison.[/quote]

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