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RE: Has Foot Locker gone too far?

einstein... wrote:

[quote]aspbergerrunner69 wrote:

Van, how did you not pick up on that? I would've back in the 7th grade. Excellent satire, made a good point. The whole culture of running reminds me of Van, just a lame person who probably is a robotic reactionary apsberger type of person. Being a runner why do i hate 90 percent of my own crowd...rigid,humorless,white bread type of personalities. "Uhh, excuse me sir, uhh, the whoop de whoops make it cross country and its muddy, we runners are tough!", the race is terrible, and i could care less about footlocker. If the results are that which contenders are coming in the 60s-80s, there is a problem, along with the point that it is also a combination of they stop caring after the first mile and just coast it in. NNX has been around for years already its not young, even though the course makes it inherently tougher for runners to duplicate results from their regionals like in a normal post season(ie a runner from their state who does good in regionals, does good in state), I believe it is still further away acounting for the hard demand of the course.
So in the end, a runner coming into the race thinks this:"ok, 90% of the nations HS runners are here, footlocker is still the best individual race, but nike is trying to change that. It is still not taken as seriously as footlocker because everybody in the running culture(msg boards,coaches,culture) still holds FL in a higher regard. If i start out and am not doing as good as I like, and I qualified for FL and I am good, I can coast it in,not get injured on a dangerous course, and do good next week" NXN is for the people who came in 11-30 at FL to have a 2nd chance at "the best" competition in the post season.

are you missing something? dropped on your head at birth?

Baxter and Cain went the NXN route, that is a slap in the face to the FL crowd.

You are right about one thing, FL is the best individuals over all, because it is only individuals. Cross Country is a team sport, and if you are a coach you try to get your athletes to buy into that aspect.

FL is the last time that any of these kids will ever run a race with only 40 runners in it. Will never happen at NCAA's or NCAA regionals, never happen at world XC. FL is a showcase race and that is all it is, about as unrealistic an an experience as they will ever have in xc running. As a coach I will continue to promote the team first attitude and whatever happens to FL is OK with me. I've been there 4 times with my athletes, the first time was great. after that it was ho hum.[/quote]

FL has a team aspect to it - you are running for the region you represent. FL has hills in it to offset the mud of Portland.
Name the last NCAA X-C meet run in NXN conditions?
Neither FL or NXN is a SANCTIONED national high school championship.

INGRATE - FL promoted youth X-C running long before Nike ever did.

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