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Tyrannosaurus Rexing
RE: That was the worst 5000m final in an Olympics ever

Canada Coach wrote:

Because nobody could do that better than Farah. Why do you keep thinking another tactic would beat Farah. The only tactic that would have worked is tripping him.

You are overconfident in that assertion. Re-read my posts. I already asserted that Mo might have won in any situation. However, Gebremeskel ALMOST caught him despite running horrible tactics vs perfect tactics for Mo. Geberemeskel could have done several different things that would have made the race, at worst, a photo finish if not a victory for him:

1) with help from 2 quality teammates (and possibly some other runners in the field with similar ideas on how to best help their chances for a medal), taken the pace out much harder. Either run some fast early laps, or sub 60 laps thrown in. Either way, it would certainly have cleared out some of the slower runners by the bell lap, making it less crowded and less likely he was would be boxed, which he was. It also would have taken some of the sting out of Farah's kick, which is now was good or better than anyone's.

2) in conjunction with above, he could have either glued himself to Farah's back when Farah took the lead, instead of falling behind him and other runners, or even taken back the lead so he had it going into the bell. Everyone says it is a death wish to take the lead too early. Farah, and Bekele, and others, have shown this not to be true. Especially in a congested race.

Gebremeskel certainly could have won with better tactics.

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