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Poster: LetsbeFrank
Subject: RE: What is wrong with Kentucky Track

Also Former Wildcat wrote:

But nobody has an idiotic philosophy like that. Even world class runnners need recovery. Even Nike project people recover with easier running. And yes they have talented people, but unfortunately they don't improve much, if any.

Everyone knows that if you are talented, you first try to get a scholarship at Arkansas, Standford, Oregon, Indiana, Penn State or Oklahoma - not Kentucky. i only had a partial sch there, but could see the weakness in the program. A few of us used to try to do some extra mileage ourselves on the sly, but it was tough as we were always overtired from pace pushing.

You get the rep you deerve and it is your rep that allows you to recruit or not.

Other than Luis Orta, they've got very few points in either men's or women's this year, and haven't been known as a powerhouse for 20 years.

Where do these college programs get these coaches with these idiotic coaching philosophies? I mean maybe you can coach a Seb Coe like that and get results, but your typical HS runner that maybe wins a state championship... no way. Anyway, reap what you sow. What amazes me is how long the AD lets it go on without making any changes. I guess that shows you how much they care about distance running.
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