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Poster: 1K
Subject: RE: 41 yr old runs 4:38 mile with "no running" training program

I read a lot of the stuff his fasterthanforty and Facebook websites.

Looks to me like he's trying to prove that activities like football, sprints, and stairs provide multiple benefits (i.e. aerobic conditioning + top-end speed or aerobic conditioning + strength), whereas "running" only provides aerobic conditioning.

I've always thought that the 800 is 60% aerobic. The article says he ran 2:00 with or without aerobic-specific training, but he only ran faster (1:56) when he did sprints and weights. This leaves me with two questions for the Letsrun experts:

1) Is it better to do 3 hard workouts a week or 5 runs + 2 traditional speed workouts? I've always done the latter :/

2) How much pure mileage does a 800/mile runner really need to do? If you can build aerobic capacity while building speed, are 5 mile runs really useful? I'd rather play football (injury risk notwithstanding).

p.s. Obviously sprints and football involve "running". Maybe he should have named this thing "No Jogging".
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