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RE: Rojo says he might start a Kip Litton thread but only 1 and only 1 thread
Look people: there IS AN ARTICLE. I know from speaking to Clarkston Kent aka ScottH.

I think the people raising questions in this thread that there isnt an article might be Kip himself. Do we think Kip is capable of this kind of stuff?

I think so. Why? Here's some good evidence that Kip tried to cover all this up. Remember when KIP created a few fake character accounts on athlinks to help cover the fake marathons (West Wyoming,etc)? Well Back in Jan 2011, when this thread was just brewing, and we were posting to this long thread, in an attempt to coverup his cheating, Kip (or one of Kip's supporter) almost instantaneously created a fake athlinks guy who posted this to the wall of another runner at West Wyoming [quoted from SOKLR on pg 14 or 15 of this thread]: "
Kevin Leddy wrote at 11:02 PM Jan 11:
Hi Joel, How did you like the West Wyoming Marathon? I see the website is down. I will be vacationing out there this year around that time Do you think they will run it next year? Thanks, Kevin"

I'm telling you this guy (KIP LITTON) pulls out all the tricks - never ceases to amaze me - not just on the race course, not just with the fake races, but pulling out all the stops to throw investigators at off his tracks. Look at what he (or a Kip supporter) did. He TRIED TO MAKE US THINK THAT THERE WAS A LEGIT REASON FOR WHY THE WEST WYOMING website was down. Yes, the real reason was the friggin race doesn't exist and Kip pulled it & it was hosted on the same IP address as Kip's dental site. SOKLR has a copy of it in Google Cache and it charges $40/person for registration. And to those of you still skeptical, well the WWY marathon results have been confirmed false by

Now this is why I believe It's not ridiculous for you all to suspect Kip has been on here a few times over the last 10-15pgs trying to throw our investigation off track. THis guy named Kip seems to have really shown he's truly slippery.

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