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RE: Rojo says he might start a Kip Litton thread but only 1 and only 1 thread

ouch1000 wrote:

Just think of the good that could come out of this if Litton were to come clean (are you reading this, Kip?). If he were to reveal how he traveled around at Boston, Missoula or Vermont City while still hitting the mats, race directors could use that information to safeguard the integrity of future races. I see a nice rehabilitation possibility for Litton - kind of like Leonardo diCaprio's character (Frank Abagnale, Jr.) in Catch Me If You Can - if he were to reject his past and use his cunning to help nab cheaters. Perhaps there might even be some forgiveness...

that are not in dispute, and we looked for all possible explanations. The probability that he didn't show up in any mid-race photographs in any of his 2010 marathons by some accident is infinitessimal. The fact that he totally invented at least three races, lied about them in correspondence with ScottH and me and then admitted the fabrication is an established fact - we have the e-mails. The circumstantial evidence (see page 19 on this thread for some eye-popping examples) is outrageously stout. Taken together, all of the empirical observations leave no doubt about Kip Litton's dishonesty.

Unless he owns up to what he's done, the running community has every right to throw him under the bus over and over and over again.

ouch1000 - helluva post buddy! In February I suggested he come clean - not so much to help future race directors but to somewhat minimize/mitigate the fallout that was sure to follow the story I planned to write at the time. He never responded, choosing to continue living a lie. I doubt he'll ever 'own up to what he's done' or explain why he did what he did.

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