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RE: Rojo says he might start a Kip Litton thread but only 1 and only 1 thread
of course...

first - no one is 'hating' on kip. this guys has continually cheated, that is all we are saying. and I don't feel bad that people are pointing it out in a public forum. if he didn't want publicity like this then he should not have cheated time and time and time again. or just stopped cheating when the publicity started. it is really that simple. it is made even worse by kip allowing newspaper articles about him, making ridiculous claims about running 50 marathons in sub 3 hours and cheating in 5ks.

and the evidence is overwhelming - even the absurd starting fiasco. what kind of charity pays out based on the number or runners you pass? wouldn't it be a thousand times more reliable to just pay out based on how many people finish behind you in the race? in other words based on official race placing. and where is this policy written, 'based on how many people he passes', in a contract somewhere? very doubtful. once questions arise he could simply say, ok, payout is based on the number of people who finish behind me in the official results. and these weird starts also contribute to the evidence - no way you can pass that many people and run close to your pr for the first few miles of a race. no way.

he deserves all the negative publicity he gets - it is really very simple, kip if you are reading this - stop cheating and people will stop talking!! and no one is hating - we are just pointing out the obvious.

off course Oscar wrote:

With all due respect oldxcdude, are you actually reading other the other posts or just wandering aimlessly throughout this thread, seriously?

I explained why and I will do it again. If you were running sub 3 hour pace with a group for mile after mile, you'd get to know those around you and they would know you. You don't want to be remembered. Still with me?

If you start with a delayed start, the odds are much better that no one else is going to remember you as going off the course here or there. Even if they did, they aren't going to see you again because you are finishing an hour or so before them. The odds increase because those you end up in front of will never remember passing you, because they didn't.

To figure this guy out, you have to think like him.

If you were going to cheat and run 2:53, would you start with those runners at that pace and possibly be asked what's your goal, your name, or what do you want to hit halfway in? Then you would be remembered, right? You don't want that so you start back and slowly pass people until it's time for exit stage left.

Remember, to cheat, you, I or anyone would have to leave the course somewhere and get back on somewhere else and as obvious as that is, it is that simplistic.

I saw a guy years ago rip his number off in disgust at about 16 miles in a marathon and then vanish. But later I saw him cross the finish line as I waited for a friend to finish. When he stopped, he didn't want a ride, nor did he want to talk, and neither does this guy. He doesn't want to be remembered by anyone leaving or re-entering.

It's like cheating on a test without studying. He didn't train enough or more than likely isn't capable of running such a time at 49, so he shortens the test and increases his odds by wearing different equipment, as in shoes, shorts, a hat, sunglasses, etc....

Notice his body weight, stride, etc....when he is running compared to those around him. A 2:51, right. Where are his legitimate 10k road races in at least 34 plus range? I have yet to see one. Nothing adds up and it won't.

Instead of cheating at 3:30 pace, he got greedy and bit off more than he could chew, as someone said he apparently did at the Bobby Crim 10 miler, running a sub 57 and then having to claim he took a wrong turn when he was either spotted or new it would not pass.

Don't over think this. If he has an accomplice or not, his practice of starting back in the pack is part of the illusion, aka his Method of Operation. If he started in the front, he would be swallowed up quickly and not be able to maintain that pace for very long. Check out the Bay Shore Marathon course. Talk about easy.

Carry on Mates!

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