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RE: 5 weeks after inguinal surgery
Hi everyone:

New to the board, and did a lot of reading yesterday to follow the threads. I am currently trying to figure out the next step with my situation and would welcome people's thoughts.

I'm a 37 year old male, atheltic just about all my life and in great shape. About 6 months ago, I think I overdid it with a long run and hills, and a few days later had a strange adbominal pain in my lower right side. After the waiting game, anti-inflammatory meds from my PMD failed, had a CT done which showed nothing significant. Orthopedic hip surgeon also took an x-ray, did the usual tests, and saw nothing.

I went to see Dr. Meyers in early May, and after having his special MRI protocol (heck of a wait for it too), he read the images and said he saw labral tears on both hips, no tear of the RA, but still thought I had some RA tears which were the problem. He suggested, and I concurred, to engage in PT to strengthen my core.

I was trying to do PT on my own for most of May, but wasn't seeing improvement, so started seeing a PT in June. My right hip flexor was very weak, so was my core, and I started focusing on exercises to strengthen them.

I'm now 2.5 months into PT, very diligent with exercise, have been running 1-2x week, for 2-3 miles a clip, easy pace, plus swimming 1-2x/week for about 30-40 minutes. And of course, my core exercises 3-4x/week on top of almost daily stretching.

My pain is really more "discomfort" because I can still do everything I did before, just with some noticable aches/pains which are more dull than they are sharp. They don't worsen with activity. The discomfort feels like it is deep, goes anywhere from hip to lower abdomen to the groin and sometimes even "the boys". And I started feeling discomfort (less so) in the left side too.

Seeing a few general surgeons, I have received mixed opinions ranging from "you definitely have a hernia!" to "There's no way I would recommend you having surgery, since you don't have a hernia". My PMD who I saw yesterday checkd and felt a hernia on both sides, but noted his physical findings are sometimes clinically insignificant.

I definitely feel like my core has strengthened since Feb with time and PT, but has levelled off a bit. A follow up call with Myers in July had us both agree to continue PT and see him in October for follow up.

Sorry for the rambling here, but as perhaps some of you have experienced or still do, I want to resolve this situation but don't want to jump on the OR table if it won't help (or perhaps worsen things). I definitely do not feel pain in my RA (easy to do crunches, planks, bird dogs, dead bug), seems to be more towards the muscles deep and medial to my hips.

Would appreciate anyone's feedback/thoughts if this mirrors your symptoms and also if anyone can answer these questions:

1) I have Aetna, which does not cover Myers surgery. Anyone been successful in getting this approved "pre" surgery?
2) Living in northern NJ, does anyone know of any experts in New York City who can evaluate/treat? Would be surprised that NYC does not have at least one AP surgeon/specialist.

Thanks, in advance, for your input/information.


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