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RE: Boyle is for non-hypochondriacs
Thansk to all of you who are helping me w/ my questions. I am doing all of the exercises Albert mentioned accept Superman and planks. At what week did you start doing those? I tried a side plank(as recommended by Boyle at week 2) and it did not feel right so I quit doing them. The only abs I have been doing are TA (transverse abdominus) contractions and pelvic curls (AKA bridges).

I have been emailing w/ the FMS guy. I was scheduled for this week but he suggested i postpone it till I am at week 4. I told him that I am already doing lunges and tons of other exercises and feel good - but he thinks I am doing way too much too soon.

I think the most frusterating thing about the rehab is that there are so many different schools of thought on how fast you should rehab. Meyers used to say do nothing but walk for 4 weeks - but has since discovered you can do much more safely. But the rehab Den shared from the pro hockey team is MUCH slower. Then there is Mike Boyle's version which is also very different. So all you can count on is your body - I am listening to my body and it is saying do more. But the FMS guy is concerned that until I figure out what went wrong in my body to cause this - that I need to slow donw so I don't do it again. Unofortunately I do not have the luxory of time b/c I start back at work at the end of August - ready or not.

Thansk so much for any advice you can give me on what exercises you would suggest for week 3 - other than what is on Meyers' protocol.

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