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Training and Exercise Physiology
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Arthur Lydiard

John Kellogg

Hadd?s Approach to Distance Running

Jack Daniels

Daniels VDOT Tables

Downloadable VDOT Calculator available on JimFiore?s site

Pete Pfitzinger

Renato Canova: Marathon Training Methods

Jack Farrell, CC Coach at Thousand Oaks High School

Top High School Coaches Discuss Training

Cornerstones of Training

Glossary of Running/Physiology Terminology

Building a Successful Cross Country Program

Tips for Establishing a New Program

Training the Track and Field Athlete Through the Energy Systems

Peaking the Endurance Athlete for Optimal Performance

Energy Demands and Event Specific Training

Restoration and the Transitional Period Between Cross Country and Track Season

Interval Training

The Time Course of Training Adaptations

Lots of Articles Written by High School CC Coaches Describing their Training

Lactate Threshold Training

?The Summer of Malmo?

The Long Run

Six Building Blocks of Distance Running

Training for the 800 meters

Developing the 800 ? 1600 meter Runner

Training the Middle Distance Runner

Training for the Mile

Training for the 5,000m

Training for the 10,000m

Rethinking the Hard/Easy Myth

Tips for Running the Steeplechase

How to Detect Overtraining

Training for the Marathon

Overtraining Syndrome

Diagnosing Overtraining

?Double Whammy? of Overtraining

Most Basic Law of Training

Building Rest and Recovery into your Training Program

Endurance Training

?Crash Training?

Goals for Coaching Distance Runners

Principles of Training

Hill Training

Northern Arizona University Distance Running

Fartlek Training

Taper for Endurance Athletes

Lots of Training Stuff

Four Part Marathon Training Program

Should You Run Twice a Day?

Base Training

Peak Performance Online (Lots of training articles)


Coaching Science Abstracts - great source for research abstracts

Tempo Runs

Common Training Mistakes

Pool Workouts for Runners

Training Logs of Elite Runners
Log of Keith Dowling: 15 Weeks till his 2:13:28 Boston Marathon

Log of Greg Meyer Leading up to 2:09:00 at Boston

Log of Bob Hodge, 1977 ? 1988

Log of Steve Magness, Rice University freshman

Log of Julia Lucas, NC State University sophomore

Toshihiko Seko, 1981 & 1987 Boston Marathon Champion

Takayuki Inubushi, 2:06:57-Marathoner

Gelindo Bordin, 1988 Olympic Marathon Gold Medal, 1990 Boston Marathon Champion

Log of Joe LeMay (28:00 10K, 2:13:55 Mara) 1996 ? Present

Exercise Physiology

Journal of Exercise Physiology

The Energy Systems

Exercise Physiology

Exercise Physiology for Runners

How Exercise Works (Simple explanation for those with little or no physiology background)

Four Part Series in Physician and Sportsmedicine: The Science of Exercise Physiology
What is Exercise (Part 1)

Aerobic Exercise and Endurance (Part 2)

Strength Training Basics (Part 3)

Not available online yet (Part 4)

Lactic Acid

Lactic Acid: Friend or Foe?

Lactic Acid and Running: Myths, Legends, and Reality

What is Lactate Threshold?

Lactate Testing ? Basic Concepts

Anaerobic Threshold

What is VO2max?

Improving your VO2max

VO2max: What is it, why is it important, and how do you improve it?

Maximum Oxygen Consumption

The Great VO2max Myth

VO2max and Your Endurance Performance

VO2max: What is it and how to measure it

Lactate Threshold, VO2max, and Endurance Performance

VO2max, Lactate Threshold, OBLA, and Recovery

Efficiency and Performance

How the Body Produces Energy for Exercise

Mitochondria Functions - More mitochondria mean more PBs, but what do you have to do to get them?

Information about Mitochondria

Mitochondrial DNA and Maximum Oxygen Consumption

Ventilation and Endurance Performance

Physiological Basis of Endurance Performance in Young Athletes: Body Size and Physiological Factors Related to Endurance Performance

Research-Based Articles in Exercise Physiology, Nutrition, Training, etc.

Exercise Physiology Digital Image Archive

Factors that Affect Heart Rate during Running

Exercise-Induced Metabolic Acidosis

Lots of Articles on Physiology and Training

Understanding Heart Rate

Effects of Pre-Event Cooling in Hot Environments

Heat Acclimatization

Muscle Physiology

Basic Physiology of Skeletal Muscles

Energy Supply for Muscles

Polarized Training and Hypoxic Muscles

Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology

The American Physiological Society

American Society of Exercise Physiologists

Strength Training for Runners,1300,1-95-98-287,00.html

Resistance Training and Endurance Performance

Altitude Training

Highlights of the Third Annual International Altitude-Training Symposium

Altitude Training for Sea-Level Competition

Altitude: Acclimatization to Intermediate Altitudes

Sprint Training
Important Training Principles for Sprinting

Sprint Training

Teaching the Beginning Sprinter the Block Start

400-Meter Training

Sprints: Training the Energy Systems

Sprints: Periodization

The Stick Drill

Sprint Training For Developing Athletes

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