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Great Threads
Some Threads Worth Reading


One of the BEST Threads Ever ? Great Information from Tinman, jtupper, Joe Rubio, & Others

How to Run 2:21:59 by Jason Meyeroff (2:18:27 in ?02 Berlin Marathon)

How They Trained: Gelindo Bordin Before Winning OG In Seoul 1988

Training by Renato Canova

Information about Kenyan Athletes by Renato Canova

Renato Canova's Marathon Training Information

Training Wisdom of John Kellogg

More Training Information from Kellogg

Another Kellogg Post

Tempo Run Length vs. Speed

Training Pace for the Mile

Determining Recovery Pace

Does aerobic training have an effect on your lactate threshold?

What?s the Difference in Anaerobic Intervals and VO2 max Intervals?

How does Tempo Pace Relate to 5K Pace?

Aerobic Conditioning/Lactate Threshold Training Zones

Dorsiflexion and Forefoot Strikers

Training Principles

Mileage vs. Time Debate

How does Wejo run 7:00-miles all day, then run 28:06?

Importance of Down/Easy/Low Weeks Poster?s Favorite Workouts

Basic Speed, or why am I so damn slow?

Ron Clarke and Slow Distance

Importance of Hill Repeats?

Tempo Runs

Singles vs. Doubles: Which is More Effective?

5K Repeats for Marathon Training

Hadd Training (yes the original 400+ post thread is here)
Link to the Summary of Hadd?s Training (Thanks to Tara)


Lydiard vs Coe vs Daniels

Altitude Training

Training in Hot Weather

Training by Heart Rate in the Heat

Training in Racing Flats

"Pure Speed? (Finishing Kick): How Best to Improve?

VO2max Training

VO2 Recovery Time

Malmo?s Log

Rethinking the Hard/Easy Myth

?Double Whammy? of Overtraining


Reaching VO2max in 2 minutes ? or faster?

Lack of Knowledge about Physiology

Mitochondria Question

Recruiting Fast Twitch Fibers

What is VO2max?

Effect of Heat on Heart Rates

Difference Between LT and AT

Lactate Threshold Deflection Point

VO2max and 800 meters

Mitochondrial Biogenesis

?Training by Percentages?

VO2, HRmax, LT, ? is this good?

Tracking Improvement with Heart Rate

Why Do We Tire?

Can?t think of a title ? Great thread to read if you want your head to explode; Tara I blame you for this thread :)


High School Runners Not Running Enough!

Is There Proof High Schoolers Should Not Run High Mileage?

100 mpw in High School

High Mileage vs. Cross Training

How Young is TOO Young?

HS Philosophies Hinder College Success?


Iron Supplementation

Speed vs. Slope

Computer Program to Track Mileage/Workouts

Does Caffiene Really Dehydrate You or Myth?

Slowed by Carbonation?

Should Professional Rabbits be Allowed to Dope?

Stride Frequency and Pace

Phidippides was the FASTEST Marathoner that EVER LIVED!!

After all these years do you regret devoting so much time and energy to running?

The Best and Ridiculous Complements/Remarks you Received Before and After a Race

Best Retaliation to Getting Yelled at While Running

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