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RE: Anyone ever had a "Sports Hernia" aka: "Sportsman's hernia", "Gilmore's groin
Greetings from Munchen Deutschland! I may be somewhat of a strange case as I flew to Munich previously undiagnosed. I consulted via phone and email with Dr. UMs staff. These consults, in combination w/ my own research and numerous negative findings on other tests provided me a high degree of certainty I had SH. I understand this approach my appear a bit cavalier for most, but my consult today confirmed my suspicions...

Today I met with Dr. UM and her staff im preparation for surgery tomorrow. I really find it unbelievable it took five minutes to diagnose what the plethera of doctors I visited prior couldn't identify over a year. For the skeptics, the ultrasound photographs and the SH push test done in the vicinity of your testicles will likely make you a believer. Both Dr. UM and her assistant were both able to identify weakness (you will feel it) in my lower abdominal wall with this test.

During my consult with Dr. UM's assistant, she drew a diagram describing a SH and why pain is associated with it. Unless Dr. UM and her staff 1. misdiagnosed me and thousands of others and/or 2. are completely incompetent, I don't see how this injury can heal itself regardless of the PT regiment.

Some pre-op experiences for those considering heading to Munich..

- Airfare wasn't bad at all. $750 round trip and if I wasn't a numb nuts i could have paid $500. Just don't wait until Wed to buy a ticket if you are heading out Sat! Long story.

- Dr. UM's staff at consult diagnostics/consult location in Munich are courteous, professional and competent. Everyone speaks very good english which was welcome because mein deutsch ist scheiss!!!

- At the conclusion of the consult, if it is determined you have a SH, you'll be asked to kick out the $4600 euro deposit which cost me approx $6250 w/ todays conversion. According to my provider, I'll be reimbursed 85% (not sure if they will include the housing) which equates to $5300 roughly not including housing.

- Prescribed meds will run you approx 60 euro. There is a drug store right beneath the clinic.

- The 35k (20m roughly) drive from Munich to Starnburg (surgery location) took nearly 45 mins and wasn't easy. A German friend drove me and without a GPS we were hopeless. A cab is likely your best bet, though I'm sure it will be pricey.

- The guest accomidations are top notch. You are required to stay only one night in the guest house (night before) and it will run you 200 euro (todays conversion is $1.36 to 1 euro). I was just brought dinner which looks like uncooked bacon and fruit slices. Looks like I won't be relying on the local fare for grub. You may want to hit up the Italianisch Pizzeria across the street which is fantastic.

- On the evening prior to surgery, Dr. UM will meet w/ you at her office in the guesthouse. During this consult, I asked Dr. UM about recovery and she suggested I can jog w/in 3 days, moderate exertion w/in 5-7 days, and full activity after 8 days. The last few pages on this thread have had some good debate concerning surgery recovery. My two cents is athletes have to push through pain to some degree because of the way the body heals after traumatic injury aka surgery. Thick scar tissue will form which can hinder performance will form if measures (athletic activity) aren't taken to prevent it.

I'm in pretty good shape, but far from a professional athlete. I'm interested to see how my body recovers from this procedure.

More info to come.


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