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RE: Anyone ever had a "Sports Hernia" aka: "Sportsman's hernia", "Gilmore's groin
I notice that both of these men are receivers. This means a tremendous amount of cuts and pivots off the groin. On top of that they are constantly planting and changing direction. Also they must leap up to catch passes.

This is probably a case of not enough healing time. Just my guess. Maybe certain sports/positions it is harder to return. It was harder for grant hill (hoops is alot of pivots and jumping)....It seems the straight ahead runners and cyclists do not appear to have these setbacks.

Ultimately, like waves said we must be responsible for our bodies after the docs repair them.

I know i have alot of work to do since i have/had lumbar pain as well. I have put on weight because of this (35 pounds and that has not helped my posture. So it is up to me to drop the weight and get the whole core strong/flexible because i could not live like that anymore. At the time of surgery my pain was primarily groin/abs and leg pressure. Back had subsided mostly.

So what are you suggesting for yourself? You seem to be all over the map?

I am not a huge fan of the bad news to be honest. I am trying to stay positive about my recovery and all you do is say how bad surgery is and why should people do it. And maybe pot smoking will help. and some 33 hr rule and so on.

Why not post success stories so the people who are thinking of having surgery are not scared off by you. The success rate is 95+% and most people on here say the first 6 months are a grind but are happy they had it.

Anyways, you are on a mission of sorts to re-invent the wheel so to speak.

I mean today you asked me to respond a simple yes or no to pain because that is what Boyles says. That is in regards to his SH prevention routine. It is not fair to ask that of someone who had invasive surgery 11 days ago that question. There is different kinds of pain post surgery. Alot of mine bounces around....sometimes dull...sometimes sharp...sometimes there....sometimes not...sometimes deep....sometimes just pressure......i know i am getting stronger and can do adduction which 4 days ago i could not do....after each workout i am deeply sore and regret it, but the next day it seems easier.....

I talked to Meyers tonight and he told me to keep up the pool work and call him in 2 weeks. He says it sounds like normal inflammation and that i am doing alot quicker than many. He also told me to do what i can except situps and any quick movement involving weights.

I am probably going to limit my walks to 1 per day for awhile because i am inflammed. I am taking enzymes at night and morning. Hope they help.

I am glad i went to Meyers because i had no other choice. I hope others do not read your posts and see them as gospel because you are painting such a negative picture.

I really do not know if you have it?

I am trying to stay on here to let people know what the rehab is going by play, but these posts of a negative nature make me not want to even look.

I do not mind fair and balanced but you come up with crazy theories about drinking and smoking pot. You only post the horror stories and any study that fits your fears/negative spin.

I, on the other hand am trying to help others see that surgery is 95%+ successful and I am also trying to stay positive myself. When you feel good and then have pain come back it is upsetting physically and emotionally.

I asked Meyers if the severity of mine made it any more time to heal and he said it was the time i was injured more so than the size of the tear. Also my steri-strips fell off today and my scar is only 4"....a full 1.5" was steri-strip....

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