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RE: Anyone ever had a "Sports Hernia" aka: "Sportsman's hernia", "Gilmore's groin

Reading all the posts on this board and others, I've noticed it common for sports hernia sufferers to lay off exercise until they feel better. Then they go try a little run, and feel great. The next day they wake up feeling great and assume they're all better, so they go for another run or another game, even harder. Then the next day, boom, back to square one.

So I did an experiment on myself. To set the stage, I took several days off of any exercise, until I my sports hernia quieted down.

Then, on Sunday at 5 pm, I did some rehab exercises, by dragging my foot across the carpet in my apartment:
- standing hip adduction
- standing hip abduction
- standing hip flexion (like putting ones pants on)
- standing hip extension (like a bull or dog rutting)

Then I resolved to abstain from any exercise for several days and just observe to state of my sports hernia symptoms.

Sunday night, after the exercise described above, I felt wonderful, better than ever. I slept well that night.

Monday I felt wonderful again, feeling like I've got this sports hernia licked. I felt so good I was tempted to go run or play basketball, but resolved to continue the experiment.

Monday afternoon at 5 pm, exactly 24-hrs after the exercise, I still felt terrific, ready to jump for joy, but again resolved to stick to the experiment.

Then, in the middle of the night I woke up having to take a piss. It was 2:30am Tuesday. But I could barely turn over in the bed, I was so utterly sore. I could barely get out of bed because of the intense pulling sensation on my left groin and testicle. After a few steps the pain subsided, but I back to square one with a case of full-blown groin pain for the next several days.


From the time of initial exercise, it takes 33 HOURS before the resulting pain strikes. Thus a 33-HOUR psychological TRAP exists for sports hernia sufferers. We all fall for it. We exercise, then feel wonderful because we think we've fixed it this time. The next day, still feeling wonderful, we exercise even harder. Then the day after that, a full 33-HOURS later we crash and burn, physically and psychologically.

It seems to me there is a PSYCHOLOGICAL factor in sports hernia, a complex mixture of elation and despair.

Any thoughts or further such observations will be appreciated.

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