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RE: naked guys in locker rooms
In college, I always enjoyed the freedom of wandering around the locker room with my johnson unleashed. The locker room was sort of a johnson-free zone-- our private space, where we could crank up some tunes after a workout and let things swing....

Now there were guys who would do things like wear sandles into the shower... these dudes usually whipped their towels tightly around their small packages immediately upon exiting, usually after a nervous 20 second shower. These guys usually snuck in an extra half mile on the warmdown to hit their log goal, and usually had to get back to their dorm right away to study engineering. They let loose maybe once per season, getting ridiculously trashed at team parties.

Other guys took it too far, sitting around reading shit, going from locker to locker talking trash, laying out on benches, and in one memorable case, eating a tuna fish sandwich, completely buck naked, almost luxuriating in their manhood. Most of these guys did pretty well with the ladies, as I recall, and often drank heavily on weeknights at local townie bars. They sometimes initiated interesting discussions, such as the relative merits of attending class commando-style, their favorite "nookie pants," and their perception of various ladies' preferences with regard to respective johnsons.

There was rarely any open package-checking, but once in a while, some big swinging dick would declare himself king of the johnsons and call out a particular dude for a faceoff. I don't recall any of these competitions ever getting off the ground, but there was generally money wagered, sides chosen up and lots of poiontless dick comments fired back and forth.

I fell somewhere in between, feeling pity for the dudes who were ashamed of their action, but wishing some of these other guys would pack it in from time to time. Nowadays, I basically change quickly in small stalls, usually in a hurry. I miss the locker room atmosphere, but upon reflection, its probably not because of the johnsons.

Now I'm in my 30's and haven't wandered around naked in front of other guys in a while, except for a trip to Europe, but that's different. I remember a July 4th barbecue with some bare-assed antics too, but there were chicks there, so I guess that doesn't count either. I'd welcome an old-timers day, I suppose, although I'd probably be more turned off by the guts involved, including my own,than anything else. I don't know what it means, but as I write this from my office, I bet my colleagues outside would be shocked by my bare-assed history and would think I was a bit freewheeling, which makes me somehow feel like I'm in the wrong job.

Sometimes I'll come out of the shower in my place and walk around without a towel, and then realize that the curtains are open and my neighbors can probably see. I'll feel a momentary embarassment and go for the blinds, but then I'll say the hell with it, this is my place and my johnson, so what do I care?

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