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RE: Sub 1:50 800m Training

OldSub4 wrote:

Agree 100%, I did/do about 18 second hills, and then i have a couple minute jog/walk in between...the session takes 40 minutes or so; you have to be patient so that you dont build up lactic acid. Also, this way you can fit this session into your normal strength regimen without completely exhausting your system....just soreness for microtearing the fast twitch muscles, which you can run mileage on.

One thing that I do when I am starting to feel the head spinning is to not focus on turnover--just explode through each stride and exaggerate the back kick on the hill (otherwise it gets cut off) to work the glut and upper hamstring--you are "bounding" more and it feels like a weight room workout, but with the perfect dynamics of running.

I can tell for an older runner who is experimenting on myself, the power training is something you have to focus on. My stride length/explosive power sucks right now...

hillrunningman was me, my username was not working when I was trying to post for some reason.

There are some drills that I have started using on hills

-buttkicks with very high turnover focusing on the hamstrings. (This one is interesting because you can feel the effects the very next day. I did these last night and during my tempo run this afternoon I could feel that my hamstrings were more active then usual and my feet were lifting up behind me more then usual.)

-high knees with very high turnover focusing on knee lift and short ground contact times.

-high knees with moderate turnover focusing on driving the leg back with the glutes and hamstrings-firing the muscles in the back of the upper leg to extend the hip quickly and powerfully.

-bounding focusing on attaining vertical height with calves and hip extension.

These along with normal short hill sprints should improve anyones stride quite a bit.

NO HEELSTRIKING. If you somehow manage to heel strike up an 8-10% slope during these then your form is probably complete crap on the flat.

I always felt that during hard training what mattered most on how you felt during a run was not your aerobic fitness but how recovered the legs are and how worn down or fresh the nervous system is. If you feel good doing short hills, you are ready to go for a hard workout, but if you feel lethargic and unexplosive during short hills, it's generally a no go for those intervals tomorrow.

Also here is the link to the 800m training article in bmc news, it is great. (It was posted before but it's worth posting again.)

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