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RE: Sub 1:50 800m Training

Anbessa wrote:

Bump, still looking for some weight-lifting tips and thoughts!!!

I tended to bulk up and put on weight, so I did not do any arm work at all.

What worked for me on the weights was high weight, low rep - just trying to build the very top end of the period, hypertrophy the fast twitch fibers so that I had some basic power that I could to train to LAST. No need doing lower weight/ high reps in my mind as you get that from running itself. I thought it was important to do something dynamic with explosive power, so I would do the following combo of plyos and weights

1. 25 Squat thrusts -- EXPLODE into them as fast as possible, then come back down into the push-up position slower to recover....amazing how your core improves on this alone.

2. Cleans to work the glut/ thigh....fairly complicated lift, you have to look up somewhere to get a good instruction on this, but essentially you are taking very little knee bend and exploding your hips through with weight resistance. 3*15 to start to get form (4 weeks), then 3*10 (4 weeks) then 3*5 upping the weight. Repeat cycle...

3. lunges with weight....just to check symmetry and stabilizing muscles on each side--I am left leg dominant like most runners (inside leg of the track) so I really needed to concentrate on my right leg to even out...its the one that always got injured!!! Worked the hamstrings, lower quads (inside of knee) well

4. Last were just some box jumps to put it all together...try one leggers and you will know you are fit

For me -- two fast twitch workouts per week -- 1*hill session and 1*weights, or if winter 2*weights...I would cut the weights out by sharpening phase

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