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RE: 2 kinds of runners. Which are you?
You know what, Antonio, we don’t need to just talk about running in this thread; we don’t do that when we email back and forth, so why change things? Anyhow, here’s a coupla money-makin’ deals I just learned in the last few days.

Before flyin’ to Texas, we had to overnight in Germany and caught a Hotel Courtesy Bus from the airport out to the hotel in the woods somewhere.

I figured I’d log on and catch up on some emails. To log on from the Hotel Reception was €1 (1 euro) for 2 minutes. What is that, nearly a buck a minute? Whoa!

Anyway, I log onto Yahoo and at that cost I’m typin’ up a storm replyin’ to a buddy from Down Under. I’m openin’ up with my salutary response du jour (“Yo bro, how’s it hangin’?...) when I glance up at the screen and I see what I’ve written; “Zo bro,” and I think, Holy Marolli, I’m only here 30 minutes an’ I’m typin’ with a German accent already!

I look down at the keyboard an’ I realize they don’t have a QWERTY keyboard. They have a QWERTZ keyboard! They done swapped the letters “Y” and “Z” on the keyboard! What is that all about?

I woulda asked at Reception, but there was a countdown timer thingy in the top right corner of the screen, an’ it was goin’ like a Seiko on steroids, so I kept the head down, huntin’ an’ peckin’ on the keyboard wondering what other letters they mighta changed. I just managed to hit Send as the clocked ticked 2 mins and I got chucked offline.

I’m sittin’ there thinkin’; over $1.50 for 2 mins… if I had me and internet café with a coupla dozen of these machines crankin’ for 8 hours a day (I did the math), I could make me some serious mazooma!

But that ain’t all. Next mornin’ I’m checkin’ out of the Hotel and the Receptionist is tottin’ up the bill; “Room… Breakfast… Courtesy Bus…”

I said, “Whoa right there, Sweetie! The Courtesy Bus is free, no?”
She gives me one of those smiles that says I’ve been punk’d and explains, “Ze Courtesy Bus from the Airport to the Hotel is free. Ze Courtesy Bus from the Hotel back the Airport, you need to pay!”

I was stunned but I just had to let out a low appreciative whistle.

I had a look out the main door and we’re in the middle of some forest deal like outta some Grimm’s Fairy Tale, an’ I swear I heard some wolves or somethin’ in the middle of the night. I know I got a flight in a little over an hour… but part of me just really had to appreciate what a crafty sweet deal they had goin’!

Right there I’m thinkin’, that’s why Ma Hadd’s little boy ain’t no millionaire! First with the internet, now with the courtesy bus… here’s how a guy makes serious coin!

I admit I am far too simple for such deals ever to occur to me. The day I was born I musta skipped my dose of devious.

So, I did what any normal red-blooded male woulda done in the circumstances; I reached for some plastic!

Something like 12 hours later I landed in the “Land of the Free…” and I hafta tell you, my first thought was, I wonder if that includes the Courtesy Bus back to the airport?

Hang tough, Antonio! I’m gonna catch up on some sleep and then I’ll read what you’ve written so far.

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