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RE: Anyone ever had a "Sports Hernia" aka: "Sportsman's hernia", "Gilmore's groin", or &

KudzuRunner wrote:

Hey, there's hope!

I've had a sports hernia for the past year, one that made sit ups or crunches impossible and that hurt like a son of a b i t c h whenever I'd cough.

Well, I've recently been forced to take two very easy (18 mpw) weeks due to high hamstring tendinopathy (pain in the butt), and I haven't run a step in the past four days.

And guess what? My sports hernia has almost completely disappeared! I realized this last night as I was having a coughing fit--I'm getting over a chest cold--and suddenly realized that I hadn't felt any complaint at all from my groin. (This summer, after long runs--18-22 milers--if I coughed, it would feel as though an interrogator was drilling me down there.

So chalk up one for the law of unintended consequences. Maybe it's a good thing that I can't run. It's cleared up my sports hernia.

I truly hope you're out of the woods with your groin pain. But the fact that the pain has gone away after 4 days of no running (and 2 weeks of light exercise) does not mean your sports hernia is healed (if that's even what is causing your pain). The real test will be if you can return to a high level of training without the return of pain.
My pain went away as well when I rested. The problem was that it would return rather rapidly when I began training again. After a week or so of rest I was able to cough, sneeze, do crunches and even some leg lifts without pain. But significant exertion brought the symptoms back. Meyers said it's very common for the symptoms to disappear with rest.
With AP, the symptoms and severity of symptoms vary patient to patient. Some athletes have nothing more than low grade pain that they can manage to compete with for months or even years. For others, the pain becomes debilitating.
Good luck and let us know how this goes for you as you return to training.


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