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RE: Renato Canova thinks Bekele is making the right call by running Dubai and London - Doesn't think he'll get WR

jjjjjjj wrote:

Short breaks between marathons is almost never a good idea. Bekele has gotten injured before trying this. Two marathons a year is the best sustainable total if you are interested in maximizing your ability, unlike, say, the unbreakable Yuki Kawauchi, who has run an incredible number of high quality marathons without giving himself a chance to break through to 2:07 or 2:06.

I agree.

Did Renato just call Kenenisa Bekele LAZY????????

Kenenisa Bekele is not a lazy, pudgy, out-of-shape Brit like Mo Farah who was just destroyed by Scot Callum Hawkins. He can easily run other 10K and half-marathon races. He shouldn't do 4 marathon races in under 12 months.

Renato says running the Dubai marathon in 2:04 is just a marathon-distance tempo run for Kenenisa???

OK. I agree.

Kenenisa might make a lot of money on this 2:04 tempo run…and if the temperature is in the 60s, it might be too warm for the world record in Dubai.

It is also very possible that Kenenisa could still break the world record for the marathon in Dubai with the temperature in the 60s…as a tempo run.

That makes sense.

Then Kenenisa wins the 10K Gold and Marathon Gold at the London World Championships.

That makes sense.
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