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RE: Baby boomers - Northwestern U is now 70k / year...what do you have to say for yourselves?

alwayss be closing wrote:
The upper middle class gets the shaft...HARD. Most productive, but yet absolutely screwed on taxes, financial aid and overall quality of life. Better to be straight middle class or just leisure-class wealthy.

I've held this contention for several years now. Frankly, my wife and I are living the real American dream. Neither of us came from money, my parents didn't even graduate college. But both were stable families that valued education. We both graduated from a good state school, worked white collar jobs and now are in our late 30's. Combined income is north of $200k. To me that's really the American dream. It's not starting a business and selling 10 years later for millions. Sure that's doable, and I'm glad it is. It's just not realistic from a statistical standpoint. But my life is. And yet sending our two daughters to a place like Northwestern would be financially ruinous. But yet, I'm the person most of those parents hope their kid turns out to be when they go there. Doesn't make a lot of sense.
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