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RE: Baby boomers - Northwestern U is now 70k / year...what do you have to say for yourselves?

sbeefyk1 wrote:

But in all seriousness, who cares. Congress will be forgiving ALL student loans while overhauling the financial aid system to keep this disaster from happening again. So might as well take out the loans while you can and get them forgiven.

There's too much research now proving that student loans are costing the economy 1%+/yr. When Trump hears this he will make the tough decision to forgive all current loans and overhaul the system.

Haha. A move that would harm his billionaire buddies isn't going to happen. The loan holders will demand a huge ransom for paying the loans off early. Not to mention the fact they own both houses of Congress, regardless of the majority party.

I love the assumption that Trump will declare it so and it will be done. Maybe revisit that political science class you were supposed to take in high school?
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