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Author: C'Mon Brojos
Subject: RE: Lukas Verbicas wins Running Ringling Bridge Run 4 miler on 1/19/2013 in 21:02

Yes. It's a great story. I have to admit I was little put off by the way he left Oregon. But, this comeback is really amazing. He clearly has had a long road back and still has plenty of improving to do. And, he is improving, which is wonderful to see.

But, "The Real Lance?" Come on now. Let's be serious. I assume the kid isn't on anything. But, it is early in his career. We don't actually KNOW whether or not he's using PEDs. (For the record, I seriously doubt he is, but that's not really the point.)

I am not a Lance Armstrong fan. He is clearly a scumbag. But, he is and was an amazing athlete. Moreover, he did overcome brain, lung, and testicular cancer. Sure, he did it in an incredibly unscrupulous way and he never really deserved any of those titles in the first place. As a whole, he is a fraud. But, the cancer was real.

It is heartwarming to see Lukas' comeback. But, to call him "The Real Lance" just doesn't make sense. So, is anyone who comes back to conquer the world in his sport in a clean way, "The Real Lance?" Seems a bit ridiculous.

I agree with the poster, who said the Brojos are beating a dead horse here. Can't we celebrate a success story without bringing that dirtbag Armstrong into it?

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