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RE: Mary Cain To Run 2 Miles at 2013 New Balance Indoor Grand Prix on Feb. 2nd
(I'm not saying this process is for everyone. I understand the need for being a part of your high school team and growing socially in that setting. I believe that 99.9% of runners would benefit in the high school and college systems, but for the Mary Cain's of the world, I feel it is time for her to go pro now![/quote])^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

Ah, no, nice try but you're wrong... other sports like football do not let players go to the NFL draft until after their sophomore year of college.. and you ain't ever gonna see a 16 year old boy quarterbacking the Alabama Crimson Tide...standards put in for the good of the kid/athlete. Even if Mary could compete on the world stage right now, what is the hurry??? Let her come up through the ranks for her own good: 4 yrs high school competition, 2 yrs of college competition and then the open/pro scene.....Mary will get a false sense of accomplishment, along with the cheers of thousands, and the adulation of a media that doesn't know the sport when she runs in Boston. Meanwhile other 16 year old runners from around the world will correctly told that in the not so distant future (2016) or (2020) that in due time they could be an Olympic champion. Mary will be crowned too soon, at age 16, in Boston.
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