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old coach man
RE: Cas Loxsom is Back!!! - 1:46.98 Opener
Robert this attack on Cas is more of a attack on the Penn St. program as a whole.

They as a group drop these ridiculous times in January and frankly they have a problem of finishing. Year after year they under perform at the NCAA meet, indoor and out. They have had a couple of good individual performances and a solid relay but as a whole not so much. But the one individual that highlights the lack of post season finish by the squad is Cas.

They actually remind me of the LSU 800 runners on the mens side. They tear it up year round and then the NCAA meet came along and they are out in the rounds or if one made the final he took it out hard and faded.

I am glad they took home the 4x8 at Penn last year because for several years they came in with a bomb squad and left empty handed. Not an NCAA title but that was a big win.
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