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RE: Robby Andrews going for 1k American record on Feb. 2nd
I would not put too much stock in Robbie's 1:51, JV coached athletes as far back as when he was at Texas has been to train through most competitions and run big when it counts. I suspect that may have been part of the problem with Webb when he was with JV in that Webb likes to always be in top shape and run fast every time he steps foot on the track. With that said, getting the 1k USR is doubtful at this point in the season because you need to be in 1:48 shape and strong enough to hang on the last 200, which to me 1:51 is a training run. If Robbie had run 1:49 I would say sub-2:20 is possible, but it is almost impossible to run 2:16 unless he is in top race shape and with athletes to chase.
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