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RE: Sean McGorty 4:11 and 9:07

Pre is my favorite wrote:

You nervous for Rupp? He ran 3:57 today. He's looking to peak in August.

I personally think that someone can only effectively peak twice a year for the best long term benefits. Therefore, people should go ~6 month cycles (no need to be super strict on specific time frame). So to peak in August, one can start the training cycle in March and be just fine to peak late winter. It seems like Salazar's group usually has a mini peak in late winter/early spring then revs it up to have a big peak in August with hopefully a few more meets extending to September to October.

So I'm not terribly nervous for Rupp. And I don't really consider 3:57 super fast for him and he is under the guidance of a proven elite coach. McGorty is impressive and good, but his youth and the fact that he is in high school makes me nervous for him later in the season
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