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RE: Sean McGorty 4:11 and 9:07

J.R. wrote:

Ranks him about 1213th?

Sure, but like an earlier poster mentioned its early January. Those are also US#1's right now and even if they don't last, they'll still be top times (more so the 4:11).

Just a note (nobody has mentioned it yet), but he also ran 2:30 for the 1k and a 1:55 split in the 4x800. (3200, 1000, and 4x800 all on saturday)

He's not known for being a particularly speedy dude (much better at the longs) so I'd say he's looking quite good at this point in the season. 1:55 and 2:30 isn't crazy fast (ches is much better at those distances), but those are 4 solid races (he won all of them) for this point in the season. He's got great coaches, so I doubt he's pounding intervals 3 times a week at this point in the season.

I certainly don't think he'll challenge 4:00, but if he's in the right race, I'd say he has a damn good shot of breaking 8:50. In a race like arcadia or the Brooks PR meet with good competition.

Personally, I think he should challenge the 3200 state meet record as it's relatively slow for a state that had alan webb, sharif karie, and bobby lockhart. It's a 9:01 3200 by Dwight Stephens (TC Williams, 1980)or a 8:56 two mile by Jim Hill (Oakton, 1979). When I say relatively slow, I mean I don't think he'll solo a 1:47.74 800 (by alan webb). A solo 4:05.38 1600 (karie) would be tough too. Last year he and ahmed bile pushed each other and couldn't break 4:10. He's been soloing cross country courses all season (only loss to cheserek at nats), including some toughies (Oatlands comes to mind) and consistently whoops the other competition (who are not slow). Soloing that 3200 would be a nice way to get his name into the books and I think he deserves it.
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