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Lost Soul Of Echuu Chen Jon
RE: 3:35 Man Kyler Merber Was 3rd in 1k Last Night Against Arkansas
A properly trained, very fit miler can run 3:59/4:00 with only 1:52 800 speed, taking into account they run consistent splits. You'll notice a lot of old school milers, or current 5k/10k guys fit this mold. If you're running 1:48/1:49, 3:54 (3:36/3:37 1500) should be totally possible.

Remember, Gabe Jennings ran 3:35 off of 1:46; Daniel Komen only ran 1:45/1:46 & due to his strength (and possible EPO) went 3:29 for 1500m. Lagat, who even with his incredible closing speed, is a 1500/5000 guy, has only run 1:46 on multiple attempts (3:26/3:47/7:29/12:53).
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