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RE: Cas Loxsom is Back!!! - 1:46.98 Opener

fbehtrhrt wrote:

Already peaked, just like every other year.

This is a false perception of Loxsom. Does he not get any credit for beating Andrews both at USAs and World's in 2010?

In 2010, when he was a freshman and ran a world junior record of 1:16.92 world junior record for 600 on January 16th, I"m sure you and everyone else thought, "This is crazy, he's bound to flame out."

In actuality, he ran a pb on July 25th at world's.
2011 - he ran his PB on July 1st 1:45.28.

So twice he's been running his best in July!!

Last year, he certainly struggled but he ran his best race of the year when it was a big race - at Big 10s.

I may become the official Loxsom and New Haven defender.
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