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Robby Andrews going for 1k American record on Feb. 2nd
After his 1:51 on Saturday night, the people at Armory Track caught up with an upbeat Robby Andrews who said training has been going well and he'll be taking a crack at the American 1k record on Feb. 2nd.

A few highlights of his interview.

"Training has been going really well and I'm super excited for the indoor season and outdoor season and this summer."

"The thousand has been something that is kind of special to me ever since high school. I've been looking forward to getting in good enough shape to run a really good thousand and I'm finally in good shape," said Andrews.

"I'm just going to go for it. I'm not really expecting too, too much. I think if I"m feeling good and get the right competition I'll be able to do something special. Anything under 2:20 at this point would be good but 2:17 would be really nice right now."

Full interview here:

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