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Bring back Tim Culpepper
RE: 3:35 Man Kyler Merber Was 3rd in 1k Last Night Against Arkansas
Purdy puts both 2:25/6 and 4:11/12 a couple of ticks below 880 points.

342 wrote:
Not sure what conversion calculator you're using. That doesn't even matter. Merber's best 800 is a 1:49... that's really around a 4:00 mile conversion. Clearly, he's more oriented towards the mile.

Besides, it's a f*cking rustbuster.

The comment is more directed to Merber getting another Millrose invite than to figuring out what event he might be better at. He is a 1500>3000 guy at this point and I doubt that will change this season.
We have a Good Kyle/Bad Kyle situation.
Good Kyle could run 3:55ish indoors
Bad Kyle could and has run four minutes and too many seconds in big time settings.
Of course his job is to score points for Texas at their meets where he is conditionwise is a function of that not of getting an invitational meet invite. Point taken. Plus I'm thinking first Fri in Feb but now the Millrose is on the Saturday of the 3rd weekend in Feb.
Still Merber better drop a time that signals Monte he kicked the rust and is ready to run with the big boys.
I assume Merber wants to and that Dave Monte has him on the short list for a lane. Depending on how many bigger fish NYRRs pocketbook can land there might not even be a lane for, shall we say, the 'walk-ons".
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