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Author: whoa...
Subject: Mary Cain 9:02!!!

Event 18 Women 3000 Meter Run
Heat 4 of 4
Name Year School Finals
1 Cain, Mary UNA 9:02.10
2 Erdmann, Tara NOP 9:02.96
3 Moser, Treniere NOP 9:03.54
4 Stellingwerff, Hilary NEWB 9:05.79
5 Rohde, Kristen BOWE 9:27.01
6 Zeferjahn, Tanya CALC 9:30.41
7 Gallagher, Kerri UNA 9:32.41
8 Knight, Katie UNA 9:36.23
9 Rozcicha, Amber PSU 9:36.83
10 Coffey, Karlee UNA 9:42.63
11 Arsenault, Marilyn UNA 9:43.31
12 Kyger Henry, Asher TACO 9:50.44
-- Amaro, Emilie STAN DNS
-- Foster, Julia STAN DNS
-- Anselmini, Mary Kate STAN DNS
-- Wetzel, Rose CLU2 DNF
-- Tonn, Jessica STAN DNS

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