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RE: Cas Loxsom is Back!!! - 1:46.98 Opener
Penn State's mid-d crew is pretty incredible. Even more incredible to me is what they do with freshman in mid-January every year. Those guys are ready to rock and roll.

This year - 2012: Brandon Kidder a kid with a 1:51.09 pb runs Kidder, opens at 1:48.17. So Sick.Sdmittedly, he was a 4:03 miler in HS. Za'Von Watkins 2:22.02 in the 1k.

2011: Robby Creese, a kid with a 1:54.00 HS pb, runs ab collegiate and American junior record of 2:19.53 in the 1k. So so sick. Wade Endress 2:24.73

2010: Loxsom runs 1:16.92 for 600.

2008: Borchers as a frosh runs 2:22.42

Yes, most of those guys were studs in HS, but some of that stuff was a huge surprise like Kidder and Creese.
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