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asdfasdf wrote:

He's really boring... He spoke in a very boring, monotone voice. He never smiled, never showed enthusiasm for what he's doing. Is that really better than doing a 9-5 if he also has to work at a running store? How depressing...

He'll be excited when he wins his next big race. This is the way it is for most guys on the professional bubble. They work 20-25 hours a week on their feet in retail, get a small stipend on top of that, and hopefully have a contract that pays for things like health insurance, housing, food, travel, entry to races, gear, etc. That's why prize money is such a big deal. The extra $5,000-10,000 a year from winning smaller races in the USA can be the deciding factor between training comfortably and being scared to death of next month's bills.

Professional runners are happiest when racing and winning. It's all the hours that they put in outside of that just trying to survive that no one ever notices. That's why honest movies like this are so important for the running community.
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