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RE: Jacob Hernandez, two time NCAA champion from Texas, officially retires at age 27

haha wrote:

Sp!kes, you have no clue - once again. You obviously do not know much about Jacob.

Sp!kes never comments on anything he doesn't know about very well. Jacob Hernandez is a great guy and was a great athlete. My posts are clear: cook is a great coach, maybe the best. But he is NOT a good person at all. An injured Hernandez was a second class citizen to cook and was treated as such.

Jacob would have been treated like a king by vig, the way he always was. Hernandez would have had much more success the past few years if he was with vig. It's as close to a fact as there can be... But in hernandez's defense, he probably thought he was in good hands and he was doing the best he could.

Either way, JH is a great guy and was a great collegiate athlete! Good luck to him!

I am the best poster ever.
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