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RE: Other End of Year/New Year's Day Action of Note That No One Wrote An Article About (Kogo, Soi, Lalli, Kipsiro etc)
Sergio Schez resurge en Galdakao

San Silvestre Galdakao
1. Sergio Schez, 24:40
2. Emmanuel Kipsang (KEN), 24:41
3. Hamid El Mouaziz (MAR), 24:44
4. Anouar Dabab (MAR), 25:22
5. Hassan Oubaddi (MAR), 25:29
6. Tolossa Chengere (ETH), 25:41
7. Hafid Mhamdi (MAR), 25:54
8. Workneh Fikre (ERI), 25:58
9. Gizaw Bekele (ETH), 26:10
10.Aingeru Gutirez, 26:12
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