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RE: Mo Farah a terrorist?
The original article seems to be this one:


Before everyone goes off and talks about how racist this is, imagine how this works. Computers obviously tag people. Multiple entries for a Somali born, non-US citizen. On that level, it makes sense.

And I should know. "Robert Johnson" is a name on the US no-fly list. It's amazing how annoying it is. I finally got a re-dress numbers.

Farah can't complain too much. He can't have it both ways. He loves the US because no one knows who he is and isn't harassed in the street. Well, welcome to the other side of the coin of that anonymity.

I had to get a re-dress number to prove i'm the non-terrorist Robert Johnson. Not sure if they have those for non-citizens or not. You'd think that after he came in once and it was established he was an Olympic gold medallist that a supervisor would be able to override the computer but maybe there is a reason why common sense isn't allowed to play any role??? Like terrorists could break in and override their own bans?? Who knows??

They certainly didn't listen to me when I complained until I got that re-dress #.
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