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Author: rojo
Subject: RE: Discussion: Track & Field News' 2012 World 1,500 Rankings: Kiplagat #1, Makhloufi #4, Centro #5, Manzano #9


Fluffy wrote:

1. Kiprop is just better. Kiplagat tripped Kiprop in Doha. Kiprop clearly would have won that without the stumble. Kiprop destroyed Kiplagat at Pre in the mile, and ran the first clean 3:28 in years. Kiprop was clearly better pre-injury.

2. Manzano beat Centro all 3 times they raced (Indoor US Champs, Olympic Trials, and Olympics). There's just no way you could argue Centro had a better year.

3. Even if you think Kiplagat should be ranked higher than Kiprop, he didn't medal at all in both Championships he was in. With that fact, you can't justify putting Kiplagat as #1.

Look, one can easily make the argument Manzano should be ranked ahead of Centro but you can't just ignore stats in doing so.

Manzano did not beat Centro all 3 times the raced.

They raced 7 times in the same race this year and Centro led the year 4-3 as he beat Manzano 4 straight times after the Olympics.

Lausanne: Centro 3rd in 3:31.96, to Manzano 10th in 3:34.08.

Birmingham - Centro 8th in 3:37.94 to Manzano 11th in 3:42.20.

Brussels - Centro 4th in 3:32.47. Manzano 11th in 3:34.85.

5th Avenue - Centro 1st 3:52.4. Manzano 3rd in 3:53.1

Manzano was a total disaster after the Olympics save for 5th Avenue. If this was tennis, it would be like 3 straight flameouts in the first round.

I think at some level it's good these rankings exist as it gives the rest of the season meaning.

As for when our rankings are coming out, I haven't ever done them at the end of the year as it's impossible to please everyone.

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