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RE: Discussion: Track & Field News' 2012 World 1,500 Rankings: Kiplagat #1, Makhloufi #4, Centro #5, Manzano #9

T&FN is blind wrote:
Kiprop is far superior to Kiplagat and everyone else on that list.

T&FN is blind and Fluffy,

You guys both say Kiprop is way better than Kiplagat. Maybe talent wise but not results wise in 2012.

I'm a huge Kiprop fan but have you don the research?

On the year, head to head. Kiprop 1 win. Kiplagat 4.

Kiplagat beat Kiprop at the Kenyan Trials and Olympics and actually never lost to him all year at 1,500 - only at the mile. I think you'd have to put him at #1 over Kiprop as a result.

Kiprop Kiplagat
1500 m DiamondDoha2012-05-11 3:29.78(2) 3:29.63(1)
Mile PreEugene OR2012-06-02 3:49.40(1) 3:53.73(13)
1500 m OTNairobi2012-06-23 3:38.3hA(3) 3:37.6hA(1)
1500 m OGLondon2012-08-07 3:43.83(12) 3:36.19(7)
1500 m VDBruxelles2012-09-07 3:32.88(5) 3:31.98(1)

After the Olympics, Kiprop didn't race and Kiplagat won in Rieti, Brussels and Lausanne.

This isn't a popularity test or a talent test. it's a reward for someone's entire body of work for 2012. As a result, I think ranking Kiplagat over Kiprop is justified.

I think the Manzano vs. Centro debate is similar. Clearly, in my mind, Centro is the man. What a racer and talent. If only he hadn't gotten hurt.

But if you are Manzano backer, you are likely scratching your head as Manzano beat him at both the Olympics and Olympic Trials. I wonder when they do their US rankings if they put Manzano #1, Centro #2.

Maybe this will spur us on do our own rankings. It's just very time consuming and hard to get 100% right.
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